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Heartbleed Bug Update

We wanted to update our membership to make you aware that we have VERIFICATION from our online banking providers that Strait View Credit Union's online banking websites are NOT vulnerable to this bug. Our vendor has informed us that we use Open SSL 0.9.8 branch and it is NOT vulnerable.

What can you do? Because this vulnerability is so widespread, one or more of your passwords at various websites may have been compromised. Make sure you are not using the same password across mulitple websites on the internet. Use strong passwords and always use a unique password for online banking and e-commerce sites.

For additional information on this vulnerability:

  • http://heartbleed.com
  • http://blog.fox-it.com/2014/04/08/ openssi-heartbleed-bug-live-blog/
  • http://security.stackexchange.com/ questions/55116/how-exactly-does-the-openssi-tis-heartbeat-heartbleed-exploit-work


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